Min Ru’s book

Min Ru, Nevanlinna Theory and Its Relation to Diophantine Approximation

It was discovered recently that Nevanlinna theory and Diophantine approximation bear striking similarities and connections. This book provides an introduction to both Nevanlinna theory and Diophantine approximation, with emphasis on the analogy between these two subjects.

Each chapter is divided into part A and part B. Part A deals with Nevanlinna theory and part B covers Diophantine approximation. At the end of each chapter, a table is provided to indicate the correspondence of theorems.

  • Nevanlinna Theory for Meromorphic Functions and Roth’s Theorem
  • Holomorphic Curves into Compact Riemann Surfaces and Theorems of Siegel, Roth, and Faltings
  • Holomorphic Curves in Pn(C) and Schmidt’s Sub-Space Theorem
  • The Moving Target Problems
  • Equi-Dimensional Nevanlinna Theory and Vojta’s Conjecture
  • Holomorphic Curves in Abelian Varieties and the Theorem of Faltings
  • Complex Hyperbolic Manifolds and Lang’s Conjecture