SEAMS School “Algebraic curves” VIASM, July 8-19, 2013

This school provides basic materials on Commutative Algebra and on algebraic curves.

Dates: July 8, 2013 – July 19, 2013

Organizing Institutions:

– Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM)

– Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS)

Main Sponsors:


– Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA)


Ngo Bao Chau (Chicago and VIASM, Director), Doan Trung Cuong (Institute of Mathematics Hanoi), Le Tuan Hoa (VIASM) and Nguyen Chu Gia Vuong (Institute of Mathematics Hanoi).

Audience: Undergraduate students and graduate students.


Prof. Ngo Bao Chau, Prof. Nguyen Tu Cuong, Dr. Doan Trung Cuong, Dr. Dinh Thanh Trung and Dr. Nguyen Chu Gia Vuong.

Registration: Before June 15th 2013.

Undergraduate students and graduate students can apply to participate in this school by sending application (form below) via email at

– Application form for international students: VSEAMS2013-Application-EN

– Application form for Vietnamese students: VSEAMS2013-Application-VN

Selection announcement of participants and grants will be made on June 20th 2013.

Language: English.
Visit the conference site for more details:

4 thoughts on “SEAMS School “Algebraic curves” VIASM, July 8-19, 2013”

  1. SEAMS School “Algebraic curves”

    VIASM, July 8-19, 2013


    1. Commutative algebra (Prof. Nguyen Tu Cuong)

    2. Basic algebraic geometry (Dr. Doan Trung Cuong)

    3. Vector bundles over algebraic curves (Prof. Ngo Bao Chau)

    4. Flat connections (Prof. Phung Ho Hai)

    5. Modularity theorem (Dr. Le Hung Viet Bao)

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